Electric scooters have long since become not just a means of transportation, but a true necessity. In recent years, their popularity is only growing, becoming more technological and functional. That’s why we have gathered for you the best offers on the market – top electric scooters 2024.

We have selected and studied each model to share the best options with you. Appreciate the promising technologies and relevant buyer requirements.

Kugoo Kirin М4 Pro

A modern model of electric scooter designed for adults from the reliable manufacturer Kirin – M4 Pro NEW 18 Ah. In this device, the designers tried to embody all the technology and design in demand in 2024, which led to a continuous increase in popularity and a large number of purchases.

Now for the fans of this model, the manufacturer has prepared good news. He launched a powerful update of the technical component, having carried out a colossal work with engineers:

It comes with a key that activates the ignition
A digital voltmeter is built in
Added dimensional LED lighting in the rear and around the perimeter of the platform
The steering column is height-adjustable

In fact, in the design of the electric scooter, the manufacturer has collected all the advanced technologies and functions that contribute to comfortable movement and maximum pleasure from the trip. The scooter will perfectly cope with overcoming the path in the urban environment, as well as soften the way on uneven off-road. The design is strict, but it stands out from many other models. The design of the scooter is foldable, so it is not difficult to transfer the device into a compact format, which is convenient to take with you on a trip or leave for storage in the winter on the balcony. One press on the handlebar lever allows you to fold the design.

Kugoo X1

Kugoo X1 is a small, mobile and compact scooter that weighs less than 20 kg. The manufacturer has tried to embody in this model all the basic and advanced technologies, equipping it, first of all, with wide wheels for softness and smoothness of movement. The power of the motor reaches 600W, which makes it possible to quickly accelerate to a top speed of 50 km / hr. During the ride, the driver does not experience discomfort from vibration or additional noise, as the device has low characteristics of adverse effects.

The scooter is characterized by high-strength parts that are made of alloy materials. All electronics are assembled in one place, protected from moisture, dust and dirt. The range is 50 kilometers on a single battery.

The motor-wheel is located at the rear of the body, as rear-wheel drive is more stable compared to front-wheel drive. In addition, this model has a different stowage mechanism in a more compact form. To assemble the design, you just need to put in a minimum amount of effort.

Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro

Электросамокат Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro (2023)

Kugoo Kirin M5 Pro is a new model from the manufacturer Jilong, which is a top-notch look in its segment. This is a powerful vehicle to an affordable price with high technical performance and impressive appearance. One of the distinctive features of the model is massive shock-absorbed wheels with modern tires. Among the useful additions to the design is a luggage compartment for the transportation of things, food and small equipment.

Ninebot KickScooter F25

Ninebot KickScooter F25 folding electric scooter with a high-strength cast aluminum body and a range of up to 30 km on a single battery charge. It only takes a few seconds to fold the scooter. When folded, it easily fits on the balcony of a small apartment or in the trunk if you decide to take it with you on a trip.

The Ninebot KickScooter F25 electric scooter has a load capacity of up to 110 kg. It can be used by both teenagers and adults, as the load capacity allows. This model will gladly take you to work with a breeze and softness of movement, forget about traffic jams and public transportation. The scooter is easily foldable, one press on the lever of the steering rack, which allows you to take it with you on a trip or leave it for storage in a small apartment or balcony.

The body is made of cast aluminum. This material has high strength characteristics, with a high service life. There is a LED display on the handlebar, which collects all the necessary information about the state of the machine, time, battery, as well as the reserve of remaining travel.

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