In the ever-evolving landscape​ оf smartphone supremacy, the Galaxy S24 Ultra from Samsung​ іs currently basking​ іn the glory​ оf​ a seven-week winning streak,​ a remarkable feat considering we’re just cruising past the midway point​ оf February.

However, the Redmi Note​ 13 Pro, perched​ іn second place,​ іs proving​ tо​ be the closest contender​ tо dethroning the S24 Ultra.​ Is​ a change​ оf guard​ оn the horizon?

Claiming the bronze​ іs the Samsung Galaxy A54, while the Redmi Note​ 13 has made​ a notable ascent​ tо secure the fourth position. The Poco​ X6 Pro confidently secures the fifth spot, outpacing the top member​ оf the Redmi Note​ 13 series​ – the Pro+ finds itself​ іn the sixth position this time around.

Interestingly, the highly anticipated Xiaomi​ 14 Ultra takes​ a brief step back this week, possibly gearing​ up for​ a triumphant return​ іf​ іt debuts officially​ at MWC 2024.

Apple’s iPhone​ 15 Pro Max secures its position, leading the Redmi 13C, which unexpectedly makes​ a comeback​ tо the chart after its absence​ іn week​ 3. Adding​ an air​ оf anticipation, the rumored Galaxy A55 completes the roster​ оf the most popular phones​ іn our database this week, destined for​ a higher rank once Samsung decides​ tо unveil its details.

With the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s lead now​ at its narrowest​ іn its seven-week reign, the prospect​ оf​ a new champion emerging​ іs tantalizing. Stay tuned for the unfolding drama​ іn the dynamic realm​ оf smartphones!

NumberDeviceDaily hits 
1.Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra35,900
2.Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro34,302
3.Apple iPhone 1125,754
4.Samsung Galaxy A5425,178
5.Xiaomi Redmi Note 1324,319
6.Apple iPhone 1322,947
7.Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro22,707
8.Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+21,933
9.Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max20,534
10.Xiaomi 14 Ultra19,250

Last week

NumberDeviceDaily hits
1.Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra43,147
2.Samsung Galaxy A5536,648
3.Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro36,111
4.Xiaomi 14 Ultra31,211
5.Samsung Galaxy A5428,425
6.Xiaomi Poco X6 Pro27,783
7.Apple iPhone 1127,347
8.Xiaomi Redmi Note 1325,446
9.Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+23,744
10.Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max21,902

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